Understanding MLS status codes

Every MLS listing has a status indicator so the viewer can determine market status of the listing. 


The status indicator is a field labeled STAT: I’ll list the possibilities below; glue these onto your secret decoder ring.

  • ACTV – Active; on the market.
  • BOMK – Back on the market. A listing has expired, but has been reactivated via a newly-signed listing agreement with the same selling broker/agent.
  • CANC – Cancelled. Property is off the market.
  • CLSD – Sold. Now we can discover the selling price.
  • CTG – Under contract with contingencies. Almost all purchase contracts have contingencies; some are time-limited; all contingencies must be cleared or removed before the sale can close. Here are the common contingencies:
    • A/I – Attorney approval, home inspection.
    • FIN – Financing. This contingency is cleared when the buyer’s lender provides a written, unconditional mortgage commitment.
    • HS or HC – Contract is subject to sale of buyer’s home i.e. “I’ll buy your house as soon as I sell my house.” HC indicates the buyer’s home is already contracted to sell, but has not yet closed i.e. “I have a buyer for my house, and I’ll buy your house as soon as my sale closes.”
    • CTGO – Other miscellaneous contingency.
    • Technically, a CTG listing is still on the market and can be shown if the seller desires.
  • EXP – Expired; off the market.
  • PCHG – Price change. Note that not all prices go down. Sometimes sellers will play the price change game, hoping to generate activity. Any Realtor with local MLS access can view the listing history for their buyer client and expose these games.
  • PEND – Under contract with no contingencies; contingencies have been removed. We do not know what the selling price will be, as this is not revealed until closing. Listings that are pending are considered “not active” and showings are usually suspended.
  • RACT – The contract fell through and the listing is active again.
  • TEMP – Temporarily off-market. The listing is still valid, but showings are suspended. Sellers suspend listings for all kinds of reasons; storm damage, for example, may trigger a suspension until repairs are complete.

With a little practice, these codes will be familiar to you.


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